Friday, January 15, 2010

a thin green candle...

I'm a writer, and I tell people this and they keep asking if my writings are online so they can read them, and I always tell them no, in a very shy manner. I'm still pretty old fashion and just type all of my stuff out on my type writer or on napkins if I'm in a smokey bar and file them in a folder at home later. But- I finally decided to put them up here, just in case my apartment burns down or some other godly disaster occurs or maybe just simply because I want you to read them? So, everything I post up here was written with truth and beauty, love and lust, and most likely a little wine inside of me, but always with the intention of letting these words flow freely out of my mind, down the bones in my arms, and through my fingers because these feelings, these words, the rhythm, is just in me and for some reason I feel that in order for me to keep sane I have to write it all down and get it out of me. If by chance your name appears or an initial of some sort, sorry but C' est Le Vie!

There is no order for these, dates and times are mixed and mingled with one another. No assumptions.

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