Friday, January 15, 2010

mother may I?

I sometimes dream as does he
But mine are of you and not her
the heart bleeds the eyes run but my legs stay
here with you- not wanting to leave.
this love hurts, sometimes
more than your childhood knee scrapes.
wanting and waiting for you
to understand that my love
may not be honest or clear but it is always there.
that it may hurt and scream and cry
but it is all yours.
I swim in the oceans of your eyes
but I also try to drown myself in them
Imagining your skin is the milk I bathe in-
I submerge my entire being in, on, and around it.
wanting to breathe you in, taste you, feel you, need you-
you, who are the sun the moon and the stars on this planet
And I am the blackness of space
trying to be wherever you are
even just for half the day
my love for you doesn’t evaporate, vanish, or disappear
It stays, longs, wants, and grows more and more
the soft coo’s in my ear and the gentle kisses on my forehead
patch up my bleeding heart and I am no longer the mother mary
But your dear sweet, sweet love.

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