Friday, January 15, 2010

Blinding Light

I wish I could tell you somethings have changed. I wish I could hold your hand and tell you everything is alright just for the sake of saying it out loud so my brain hears it. The rooms are all dark, bare, and lonely. The rooms in my head. Where did I go wrong? What path did I take? Who ate all the bread crumbs? I've been angry a lot lately and I yell at him but only because he is the better parts of me, only because I can't seem to yell at myself and he is the closest thing to me. ME. I. She use to smile a lot. I frown on days when the sun is shining and I feel more at home when the skies turn grey and the rain floods our streets. Yes, our streets. Trying to run away from things. Trying to find new homes with more rooms to hide more baggage. Luggage. All the stupid old suitcases I keep buying from the thrift stores hoping that sometime soon I'll take that trip. I'll get on that plane and fly somewhere more scenic. Fly somewhere where they only speak french to me. Fly somewhere, anywhere, everywhere and nowhere all at once. The thoughts still collide and the dreams still haunt. The only things that have changed are my bangs, my room, and my heart.

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