Friday, January 15, 2010

Is This Real Life Anymore?

dreaming of magic love when I can one day spend my time laying in fields full of flowers in the mountains with hills all around me reading my books and daydreaming of beautiful men who write.
The words trail out of their fingers like the slime of snails. ...............

Slowly carefully beautifully.
Leaving the past behind and finding that life gives you always bigger and better things.
Wanting to apologize and thank at the same time all the men and boys who I have left broken heartedly, selfishly, to figure things out for myself knowing full and well that I didnt need them, that they were there to make my time pass more quickly.
Understanding that once you find that person that makes you dizzy with magic, that your world gets more colorful, the lines blur, and you feel that romantic freedom. encouragement is love.

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