Monday, May 14, 2012

im not mean, i promise.

i want someone new to kiss, someone new altogether.
someone that doesnt like the same things as you,
or maybe did but grew up, out of it, over it.
im tired of making the same mistake, twice, three-
thousand times, you.
i was going to stop smoking but decided
dying of lung cancer would be better than the
broken heart ///

time doesnt make sense anymore
staying at home and hiding the whiskey bottle behind the toilet
noticing how people still dont understand the story
how they still come up and tell you
that there is just something about you,
i've run out of answers to tell them
it's in my blood
it's the mystery you can't solve
im not like everyone else.
usually i just tell them its not me its you or
you're drunk.
but lets be real here if we could for a minute
or two
its because i dont talk to everyone, its because i dont smile all the time, its because im not loud and obnoixious, it's because i will break your heart and warn you first.

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