Friday, October 28, 2011

i havent seen him look that way in a while and he hasnt seen me smile like that ever. i let my heart run away sometimes and get overwhelmed and wonder what youre doing. what song you just listened to or what kind of beer youre drinking tonight. if you ever think of me as i do of you. and these always seem like mini love letters to you but always, never, without, replies///i always hoped you would fall in love with me, i always hoped that there was something you could love about me. like my long hair, or my blue eyes, that mole by my right breast or the one right underneath my eye, the way i would sometimes look at you while we danced, or maybe the fact that i always remember when your birthday is without being reminded. you told me once to never have chipped nail polish, and just because you broke my heart i cut my long hair and always, always wait till my nail color fades///

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