Saturday, October 2, 2010

haruki murakami makes me depressed

the weather has gotten chilly
coldness drapes the body like a cloak.
no need for the air condition inside the house anymore.
you open the windows and let that autumn breeze blow in
and he's still there, sitting by my side, stares with returning stares
then smiles with my longing and lust- after him like a velvety trail of smoke from a
cigarette. the knowing of resistance is prominant, the sadness weighs heavy in
the chest along with the goosebumps and beauty marks by the breast.
another fall, another dark winter, another year.
and he won't leave me, we both know that.
those secrets about the winter, we know those too.
we know that with the coldness comes my sadness more and more
and that the only thing that cures it is warmth. so we wait
and maybe pray but always cross our fingers that
it skips us this season, this year, this time.

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