Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my writing has turned into shit

taxi driver
take me here
so that I may
listen to the music
watch the people
get high-
on the life and
and sounds
the time and the space.
taxi driver please,
make your second right
so i can wake up in
someone else's bed
use someone else's bathroom
walk down another's stairs
feel like this life is amazing with
the little rays of light creeping
in through the cracks in blinds in the house
with the beer bottles half full
half empty on the table
and the smell of cigarettes floating through out
the house.
driver, take me home
so i can shower this man's scent off of me
and the booze from the night before
so i can sit there and read a book
or  pet one of the cats
and i'll put a record on and sing those
soul songs, the ones that make you
think about last nights and the ones
that make you get up and sway your hips
and taxi can we just sit here
at the light so that i can think
about all of this for a few
take it all in
drown in the scents and the thoughts
of the him's and you's and they's and always the I's.

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