Monday, July 26, 2010

in dreams i dance with you

i'm too fucking scared to call,
fear of silence, of not knowing what to say or better yet
knowing what to say but
too afraid to actually say it in fear of the silence i'll recieve from you.
i love(d) you, still do
but  in a different way.
courage to speak your mind and not back down
but also knowing when to admit you are wrong is what you
have taught me.
and i was wrong about a lot of things- wrong for falling for someone who is as stubborn as i,
wrong for
romanticizing your suicidal tendencies, thinking i could perhaps save you-
finding out that you never wanted to be saved.
finding out that you never had any love inside for me..
you gave it all away to a girl who could care less about you now
you've written the songs, thought those thoughts constantly, wondered-
what she was doing-
and how you will deal with it when you have to see her face again.
and it always happens this way, the lover
in love too soon-
too much-
and being too kind-
and you finally realize that your time was up and that it doesnt matter anymore that there was no love there for
grabbed all you could from him and he gave it to you.

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