Thursday, March 25, 2010

write poems about me

The only compliments that I
I want to come from a
male librarian.


  1. You're waiting for wicked.
    You need warning that wanting
    everything will leave you with nothing.
    No one wants stew every meal.

    It's dangerous to know everything
    because no one has your everything.

    If you want to think inspiration is dripping from your thighs
    don't read any more poetry. Don't let the man who does it do it.
    Not to you.

    If this is about you, then you have to wonder
    how fast a whore's tower is built,
    how rough the furious flint
    how quick hunters snatch from quivers
    once you lay the bait.

    you have to wonder what happens next
    when you will not find me.

    I, amusemaker become. Part one.

    Because I have always known you, you must stop reading.
    Stop trying and become desperate to pluck out every word
    you didn't need. Weed the garden for fruit.

  2. I heed the warnings but never forget the wants
    Some people eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch

    knowing is half the battle and I burned that white flag a long time ago
    along with the hearts of fellow humans

    I've been up in the whore's tower looking down
    on all the men below trying to climb up, to rescue, to mock, talk me out of jumping.
    The words are my bait.

    Not finding but also maybe not looking-
    I do not have a green thumb.